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Core Reviews
Ustaad Amjad Ali Khan...........Rohitrevo.com.au
Master of the Sarod, Ustaad Amjad Ali Khan visited Australia as part of Freedom Concert 2009 and performed in Sydney and Perth mesmerising his audiences in both shows. The show was organised by Sanjay Raina and Raj from the Core4 Entertainment.
India comedian rocks Fiji fans..............fijilive.com
Teamcore4.com PVT Limited director Sanjay Raina (international promoter) told Fijilive that ticket sales were very good, and he planned to get more entertainers to Fiji.
Sanjay Raina: Confident of Future..............rohitrevo.com.au

Sanjay Raina (www.sanjayraina.com) is the promoter and organiser of the recent Freedom Concert 2009 which featured the brilliant performance of Ustaad Amjad Ali Khan. Sanjay has big plans for the future and has already laid his claim to the brand name of FREEDOM CONCERT series.

Holi Mahotsav 2006.............holimahotsav.com.au
The funky youthfulness of Mr Sanjay Raina, who had theaudience dancing at his feet. The Raja of Remixes, Sanjay,even had me on the dancefloor as he pumped out thevocals of “Rang de Basanti”, exciting the audience withaspirations for India and the potential of its youth.
Khan wants to take music route to ease tensions.............indianexpress.com
"Very apprehensive" to visit Down Under after recent attacks on Indian students, sarod maestro Ustad Amjad Ali Khan has found the people here "friendly" and plans to play a special symphony 'Samaagam' in Australia to ease the tensions.